Hridaya Basti

HridayaBasti is one of the most powerful and effective treatments in Ayurveda that aids in the healthy functioning of the heart. The medicated oil is kept on the chest wall with the help of dough made near the heart or on the hridyacharkra. Hridyabasti gives positive influence on the hridya chakra which in turn has a beneficial effect on the mind and gives strengthening effect to the heart muscle.

Importance of HridyaBasti

Hridaya Basti is the best treatment which Ayurveda provides for heart and lung disorders. The word hridaya means heart that receives the deoxygenated blood and as an outcome delivers the oxygenated blood to all the organs of the body while the basti means to hold the herbal decoction or medicated oil on the focused area i.e over hridaya marma. Hence the procedure of holding the medicated oil over the hridaya (cardiac region) is designated as hrid basti. It is also designated as the uro basti as it is present in uraspradeshi.e chest region.

Hridaya Basti can also be administered to healthy and or susceptible people who are susceptible to suffer from heart and lung ailments, as evidenced by family history or previous history. Thus it forms an important part of prophylactic chest care.

Durations : The number of days of treatment varies from 7-14 days depending on the nature and intensity of the disease. Treatment (hridaya basti) is done for a period of 40-60 minutes per session.

Benefits of Hridaya Basti

Hridaya Basti is a warming procedure of the hridaya marma and the heart. This type of warming helps in the treatment of respiratory disease, weakness of the cardiac muscles etc

  • Hridaya Basti improves the circulation and breathing functions
  • It energizes the Anahata Chakra seated near the heart and thus gives positive influence on the heart and mind energizing the whole body
  • It relieves stress and anxiety
  • Useful in muscular pains of thoracic region
  • Give great results in ailments related to heart, help in maintenance of muscles and connective tissues hence it Improves the function of heart i.e. commence rejuvenation of heart