Suvarnaprashan is a Ayurvedic Immunomodulatory Medicine Preparation for 0 to 12 years of child. Suvarnaprashan is made by Suvarna Bhasma (purified Gold Ash) and other important herbs. Suvarnaprashan are done in every Pushya Nakshatra for getting its excellent health benefits. Overall Suvarnaprashan makes child healthier both physically and mentally.


  • Suvarnaprashan boosts Immune System and makes the kid becomes strong and healthier, Thus prevents children from falling ill very often.
  • Increases Physical strength, General growth of the baby (Height and Weight) and improves the stamina of the kid.
  • Regular dose of Suvarnaprashan improves child’s Intellectual power, Grasping power, Analysis power and Recall memory.
  • It improves Immunity and prevents from Recurrent cold, Cough, Fever and other Respiratory infections.
  • It Improves Digestive power and decreases Digestion related complaints.
  • Protects the baby from different kinds of Allergies.
  • It helps to reach early developmental milestones.
  • It develops a strong defense mechanism in case which acts as a safety shield against disease and complaints occurring due to seasonal change and other prevailing infections.
  • Tones up Skin color and Texture.